Cold Welder

Welding Repair materials:

In addition to materials with very low melting points such as zinc and tin and cemented carbide, various metal materials (including copper and aluminum)
Pieces can be repaired.

Weldable items:

1. Local wear and tear caused by equipment and mold during use.
2. Processing defects in the manufacturing process, such as trachoma pores, excessive size, corner damage, insufficient argon welding, etc.
3. The rust spots and other depressions in the cavity.

Product Description

Model Cold Welder
Rated Input 220 1Ф
Rated Input(KVA) 11KVA 7.5KW
No Load Max Vo(V) 36V
Initial Current(A) 3~300A
Pulse Current(A) 3~300A
Spot Current(A) 10~300A
Duty Cycle(%) 40%
Gas After-flow time(sec) 0.002~0.5S
Gas Pre-flow time(sec) 0.001~0.5S
Crater Control system Yes/No
Outline dimensions(CM)W*D*H 49.5*26*34.5
Weight(KG) 21KG
Insulation Class H
Duty Cycle 100% 190AMP

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